Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not For the Faint of Heart

I received what I found to be a funny comment today, from one Ms. Katie. I don't recall the *exact* wording of the comment, as it was verbal, and she IS a real person and not just someone taking residence in my head, surprisingly. She said something to the effect of: she is waiting to get up one morning and read that there was a mass murder that took place - in my head.

And why wouldn't this be expected, seeing as how I love to hate on my 'voices'?

They have been shot, blown up, stabbed, etc, etc. Chances are, a mass murder is in their future. One of them just decides that enough is enough, they can not take it any longer, and they go postal.

So now I am wondering how hard it would be to clean blood off the walls of my skull. Would bleach work best? How tired would my elbow be after all the scrubbing? Would there be any survivors? Would it happen when the kids were in bed?

So many questions. So silly of me to try and find answers.

Instead of stressing out about such a remote possibility - it IS my head, after all, and they do what I tell them, MOST of the time - I decided to take preventative measures and locked up anything that could remotely be classified as weaponry. This happened much to the chagrin of certain trigger happy individuals who like to use each other for target practice. (Understand that they are living in cramped quarters and rarely - if ever - see eye to eye.)

I think I will have them build a gym, so they can get out their frustrations in a much safer way.

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