Monday, February 7, 2011

We Have Lift Off!

I found my desk this weekend and since it's already Monday, the chances of it remaining clear look great! So many little bits and pieces of paper with a thought written on them were scattered about. Most were just reminders of things that I needed to do at one point or another - a few weeks ago.

I also changed the calendar to February and took down the expired 2010 one - all that's left to do is write! And writing I have been doing!

The upcoming week bodes well for my tenants. They are pretty happy about getting out there and getting their hands dirty. No need to coax them into being co-operative - they are gung-ho and mission oriented, ready to finish the job and move on with their lives.

Last night while we were telling the story, I was introduced to two new people - who have temporarily moved in and are making themselves at home. While I, of course, knew of their existence, I didn't anticipate pissing a protagonist off so badly that she would go on home to her mama - or, as the case may be, bring mama home to my head.

Currently they are having a welcome party, and all the noise is making my head ache. Looks like an early night for me - no way to pry them away from the cold beer they were promised (and never given) a few nights ago.

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