Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Allow me a Few Moments of Insanity - PLEASE!

Is it right to be bored to tears by your own book?

Even if it's not - I am. I am tired of waiting for the bad guy to be discovered. I'm tired of my characters keeping secrets from me, wandering aimlessly through a desert that they have stuffed into my head, and moaning about how long it is taking for them to finish what they set out to do.

Since they decided to go off and do their own thing - without consulting me, I might add - they have done nothing but complain about how long the process takes. How is this my fault?

Do your jobs and get out of my head already!

If I were a rude, crude and unlovely person I would blow them all up and ask questions later. That is what they're planning on doing to someone else, no doubt.

I ran into a similar problem for the *cough cough* "few" years that Unclean sat on the shelf between edits. By the time it went to the publisher, I was so sick of looking at it I wanted to scream. Or burn it. Or both. Probably both. Most likely both. Scream and then burn it. Burn it while I screamed. Impale it with a screwdriver while screaming and then burn it.

Instead I very calmly and rationally sent it on it's merry way.

The only thing keeping me from doing all of the above to this manuscript is the knowledge that it will all be over soon. At least, the first draft will be. And then I will be forced to go back and tidy up the smoldering remains of the first half - the stuff that was written while someone sane (that would be me) was in charge that now has nothing to do with the rest of the story.

Katie's earlier mass-murder suggestion doesn't sound too bad at the moment. Maybe I should turn myself into a character and instigate the spree - while I still have a chance to do it the way I want.

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