Monday, March 7, 2011


My novel in progress took an interesting turn around Wednesday when two of the characters decided to put the past behind them and get back together. Apparently there's a reason for this, but they have yet to enlighten me. I hate being left out of the loop o.O.

My characters have relocated to hotter climates and I feel as though I am operating in a humidity bubble. My goal for the week is to get them back to American soil where there are good old piles of snow everywhere - or at least reasonable temperatures. (And by reasonable, I mean neither too hot nor too cold).

Fighting continues between the stubborn and trigger happy duo. Apparently this has something to do with the above mentioned relationship change. Most likely it has more to do with them just enjoying butting heads.

On the health front - beware of drinking any water that hasn't been appropriately sterilized - one of my more stable characters forgot this vital point and has been sent to the hospital to be treated for an unknown parasite/bacteria/virus. The doctors may say that the prognosis is good - as of yet I have no idea because no one finds it necessary to keep me updated.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and have a great week!

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