Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Boomaster meets Club Penquin

Over March break my son was referred to a website by one of his friends. Enter Club Penguin: a snow filled place where kids can participate (mostly for free) in all kinds of games while interacting with other kids via generic looking penguins.

For the last month and a half, this is all I've heard about.

I got him a Club Penguin membership for Easter - mostly so he would stop nagging me about getting one, but also because it would unlock new things for him to do and I would therefore not have to listen to the endless drone about the same stuff repeated to the nth degree times forty nine.

I am the most awesome mom he has, he told me, several times, while he was spazzing out in excitement over having the membership.

Happy Easter to me, I thought, secretly hoping it would amuse him long enough so I wouldn't have to be woken up to the sounds of him trying to kill the Sensei in the fire Dojo.

Here is what I learned about the game, when I should have been learning more about what the insides of my eyelids looked like:

1.The Sensei's in ALL the Dojo's (fire, water and snow) are CHEATERS!

2. The secret agent code about the number of socks G has change - or his friend is a liar.

3. G had forty-five pairs of socks that day.

4. It is dang near impossible to use cream soda to push the gift shop into the air long enough that you can run to the roof, attach a balloon and do something else before it falls back down. OR my computer sucks.

And so, if you have kids that are looking for a fun and safe online game, check it out. It is moderated - My kid got banned immediately for using foul language in chat o.O