Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yay! Vacation!

I am about to embark on the adventure of my lifetime, and will be doing so with someone I have never met.

It has been a decade long dream of mine to go portaging through the interior of Algonquin Provincial Park (portage: In August, this friend and I will be doing just that. For ten days.

Five years ago I broached the topic with the most spontaneous friend I had. I asked if she wanted to portage - she didn't know how. So I asked if she wanted to go backpacking instead. Nothing like a nice, quick 88km hike through the interior to get the blood flowing.

She was excited and began to plan all the painstaking details such as how many cases of water we could carry in and how fast we could run the entire trail. A day, maybe two, she speculated.

I agreed, all the while trying to think of ways to get out of having to go trail running 88km with no less than two cases of bottles water on my back.

Thankfully it was an idea that was short lived...

This time around I put my head together with a nice SANE friend (whom I've never actually met), and together, we hashed out all the finer details. Canoe rentals, where to get freeze dried chow, how many days we would go for and what we would need to rent/purchase. Permits have been obtained, routes have been chosen, tossed, and re-selected.

I need to say: this person doesn't know how to portage either.

Honestly... Neither do I. But I figure it's a great skill to learn. Could also come in handy since Andie is the epitome of everything out-of-doors. At least I know how to swat a mosquito away. (Don't always hit it, but I get closer with practice ;)

Hopefully in a few weeks I will have some pictures to share of the adventure. Anyone have any tips to offer?


  1. Enjoy yourself, don't sweat stuff going wrong, go with the flow... unless it involves getting lost and having no clue how to get back to civilization. In that case don't panic, just make the most of it!! *wink wink*

  2. Well... We are planning on going to a low maintenance camp site - the only site, period - on Cuckoo Lake. I am hoping the name isn't indicative of the types of people who have been there before us ;)

  3. make sure to google directions to the closest Hotel, just in case things don't go as planned!! lol have fun