Friday, August 26, 2011

Algonquin Park - Day 4

Slept like a zombie would if they actually slept. Woke up once when the rain was hammering against the tent. Rolled over and fell back to sleep pretty quickly. I think I may have mumbled something in my sleep - something that was supposed to be a reply to M, even. But I was tired and I have no idea.

We took off at first light for a far more superior camp site. Having skipped dinner the night before, and breakfast AND coffee (trust me, I can't believe it either), we were both very happy to find a decent site that had plenty of fire wood.

Common Loons on Hogan Lake

Weather was still wet and cold. We set up tarps over the tent and the fire place to keep everything dry. Found a branch to hang the food from with relative ease. We sat around the fire for most of the day; leaving on occasion to wash dishes, gather firewood and check the cloud formations across the lake.

Camp fire - with our gear drying out beside it.

Lophocampa Maculata on the tent.
The view from our site at about 440pm.

Went to bed in the dark, listening to the sounds of the loons calling.

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