Saturday, August 27, 2011

Algonquin Park - Day 5

Hogan Lake

Slept alright in that I don't recall waking up too often except for when the rain started - again.

Woke up to find the tent pole had snapped at the top moved the fly. We moved the fly and the pole went through it o.O (my fault for not being delicate...). Duct tape does marvellous things, though. We used two pieces of rope to pull the sides lacking pole out and get a crude tent shape again. Moved the blasted thing so it was completely under the tarp.

Poured rain the entire day but the gods of the park were nice enough to hold their fire long enough for us to watch the sun set. My back got the brunt of the cold winds that whipped through the site and spent the evening complaining.

Sunset over Hogan Lake

Slimey - Oscar the Grouch's inch worm pet ;)

Rainbow at sundown.

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