Monday, August 29, 2011

Algonquin Park - Day 7

Hogan Lake

I woke up to the sound of something hitting our tarp and rolling down the side. When I mentioned this to M later, he said it was flying lessons with a safety net ;) Probably just M's favorite kind of chipmunk - a drunk ;)

The sun lazily made it's way to the west. Our site was on the eastern shore and there was too much forest for us to see the sun rise. That, and also, it had done nothing but rain, really...

I watched a daddy long legs spider take a short cut through the fire pit. I watched him clean his long legs off afterwards.

M has gotten plenty of video footage of the American Red Squirrel - which seems to enjoy following him around and posing for the camera. He has been trying to get footage of the chipmunk as well but that one seems content to stand in the trees and heckle him - running off as soon as he reaches for the camera.

Leave it to me to find a bone yard - in the camp site. Since the weather has been nice I spent some time looking around (at the ground), and stumbled across the spot where some poor bird had turned into a pile of bones. M took the following picture:

RIP bird

We also saw a dozen Common Mergansers noisily leave the bushes. They perched on a log by the shore line and later, when the thunder started, they moved slowly across the water.

Common Mergansers

Froggy in the lake in front of our site.

Hogan Lake before a thunder storm.

A bird demonstrated the circle of life for us in the afternoon. We listened to a fluff ball tweet for 8 hours. The sound got quieter and quieter. We went to look and the chick had fallen off the branch and was lying on the ground. We figured a snake or something would eat it. An hour later it was still there, but it had finally stopped breathing.

We watched storm clouds roll over the west side of the lake and sat to try and get pictures of the fork lightning. We saw some, but weren't quick enough to catch it on film. I had really hoped that M would see a real thunder and lightning storm over a lake while we were in Algonquin. 2 more days left of the trip so there is hope yet.

We head back to Proulx Lake tomorrow - a day early. Hopefully the weather holds.

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