Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Algonquin Park - Day 8

Hogan Lake to Proulx Lake - 3.75km portage, 12-ish km paddle

Got up bright and early - before it was bright, even, because the sky was overcast and rain threatened. (Surprise ;)

We decided to break camp and head to Proulx Lake while the weather held.

Arrived at the portage entrance, tied some gear to our packs and headed out. I carried the pack, M carried the canoe and the lighter pack that held a sleeping bag and tarp.

3.75km took us around 2.5 hours on the way back - no doubling this time. We hit Big Crow Lake - the weather still held. Took a picture of the tower on the hill.

If you look REALLY close, you can see the tower in the middle.

Stopped at Little Crow Lake to apply sunscreen and then entered the marsh. Of course, the sun went to hide behind a storm cloud right after. It didn't rain but I was holding my breath the entire time we were in the marsh - there was no where for us to pull off if the sky opened up.

We met a family paddling towards Little Crow with 4 children under the age of 5. The littlest - about 6 months - was screaming. Mom did not look happy. Dad was stoked as he told us that he was heading to Hogan Lake. We mentioned that it was a tough haul. He wasn't at all concerned. We could hear baby screaming as we rounded some more corners.

I was thinking - and probably voiced my thoughts to M - that the screaming infant was probably scaring all the wildlife away. Not the case. We got some great footage of a great blue heron so focused on the marsh that it wanted nothing to do with us.

We came around the last bend and a great brown butt was pointing in our direction. "That's a moose!" I hissed. M grabbed the camera and starting recording. We slowly inched forward. The cow moose looked at us before going back to her grass. As we paddled around the final bend - still filming - we heard the next paddlers entering the marsh. They quieted down when we told them what was in store.

The rain held for the rest of our paddle. We arrived at a site on Proulx lake and set up the tent. I was still puzzled over what had caused our tent pole to snap, and then M pointed out the bag of tent poles that someone had left behind. We were so glad that we didn't do it!

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