Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Algonquin Park - Day 9

Proulx Lake to Lake Opeongo - 1.3km portage, 13km paddle.

Went to bed at 630pm after dinner was cleaned up. Slept fairly soundly. We were hoping to get to Lake Opeongo and get a ride out of the bushes if we could find cell phone coverage.

M and I had both heard that Opeongo could be nasty - South West winds cause choppy water and the waves can be pretty rough. On top of that, the water taxis and motor boats are all out in the water. Needless to say, I was nervous about the crossing so we left early in the morning to get as far as we could before the water got too rough.

The portage from Proulx Lake to Opeongo was surprisingly short - 45 minutes. The bugs were terrible, though. The repellent that we got touted 5 hour coverage. Really, though, it lasted 500m in the heat. All good, we survived. Came out on the other side. Water was calm. We both started paddling with vigor.

It took us the better part of the morning to paddle 12 of the 16 km that Opeongo stretches for. We stopped on a peninsula for coffee and M said, so casually, that we had reception. I, of course, didn't believe him, so I basically ignored his comment. This is because we had been checking for it every 30 minutes or so and his tone of voice suggested he was bored.

Naturally there was coverage. We called our ride - who was 400 km away at the Big Nickel. Were told to wait until the next day.

We took a nap for the afternoon - on the peninsula, in a wind tunnel. Had to wait until the wind died down to start a fire. It held our interest for all of 20 minutes, then we put it out and went to bed.

UPDATE: I lie. The picture above, I realized, is actually NOT of Lake Opeongo. It was a second image of the fire tower on Big Crow Lake. Apologies.

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