Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Things I learned Today

This afternoon I had the pleasure of chatting with a very interesting individual I met at school last year. (A friend introduced us. Sorta. He is as bad with names as I am with social skills, I think.)

We have spent quite a bit of time talking about future plans, annoying subjects (and people), and - of course, because we are both female - our track record with men. (I won't go into that topic here, it is best saved for a night at the bar with some ice cold beer...)

Janice (she said I could call her anything, as long as it wasn't "HeyYouWithTheFace") taught me a lot about myself in the half hour or so that we were riding in the germ factory on tracks.

Lessons I Learned Today:

1. I am wonderful - in small doses. And only if you know me. Otherwise I seem like a cold-hearted and callous something or other.

2. Janice really hates graphic descriptions/depictions of bodily torment - or really, anything to do with the body period - and I am absolutely fascinated by them to the point I think I could have made her faint when demonstrating how valves in your wrist open and close.

3. Item number 2 will not prevent me from trying to show her again. (This is really not something that I learned today, per say, but it was something I had forgotten about until I tried it again...)

4. The idea of eyeball harvesting (a very integral part of my book) does not gross me out nearly as much now as it did when I first wrote about it.

5. Sometimes (more often than not), I don't think through what I am trying to say before I blurt it out stupidly in front of a table full of my peers. Very uncomfortable lesson here: shut up and learn to articulate your point. Duh.

6. (This is the bonus because 3 doesn't *really* count) I have learned that no matter what I have been through, I am not alone. I am not the first person to have been there. I will not be the last. Someone is always in more pain - which doesn't make mine invalid.  Today I learned that no matter where I am in the grieving process, there are always friends available to talk it out with me.

All that now filed away in my memory stores, I am hoping to learn from these lessons (or at the very least, make it seem like I have).

Question: Do you feel that it is important to discover at least one new thing about yourself daily, or are you satisfied with who you are?

**Update: Forgot to mention: Janice is in the health care field... Nope, I don't get it either, lol.

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