Friday, September 9, 2011

Bribery. It Gets You Everywhere.

Years ago, when my son hadn't figured out the finer nuances of the English language (Read: still too small to talk), I had a marathon writing session for "Unclean". Start to finish - three weeks.

Towards the end of the manuscript, I was honestly bored with being in a closet and doing nothing but drinking coffee and writing, so I bribed myself.

I had really wanted to see "Mona Lisa Smile" and said to myself: "Self, how about we strike a deal? We finish the manuscript, and then we watch the movie." Thankfully I agreed with myself, and so it was settled.

Tossing the pen down at the end of the story left me with a great feeling of accomplishment, and I scurried out to the real world (AKA the living room) to treat myself to the movie that I had been waiting to see.

While good, it was NOT all that I expected.

Myself said, and I agreed, that we would never speak of the experience again.

So here we are, several years later, embarking on Book Two, in much the same fashion. This time we are using another Julia Roberts film as bribery (Eat Pray Love), but instead of traipsing blindly where neither of us have ever been, self and I watched most of it before we made our decision.

Unfortunately, there won't be a three week marathon session as there are too many other things I have to do -- like play video games and/or discuss them with my son, who is now eight and old enough to tell me that he thinks the dog is a pain in the rear, or that blah blah blah (insert something about Pokemon here).

Fortunately, I have learned enough about myself to know that I write best in the middle of the night when the house is creepily quiet, so I can see a lot of coffee being consumed over the next little while.

Now, time for a refill.

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