Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Epic Failure...

My niece got up this morning at the crack of dawn, got ready for school, and then went outside to stand in the nice crisp weather (it was 10 C) to wait patiently for her bus - all this without so much as a single whine.

This is progress. For the entire summer she has stressed herself out about starting in a new school, being the only girl in class (with 8 boys - but the saving grace here is that she has met the teacher in the transitional meetings and the teacher is also female and is excited to have a girl in her class), and wondering what the bus driver was going to be like (we had quite a few 'incidents' with the ones last year). She caught a cold over the weekend which normally makes any person pretty miserable.

She is starting the sixth grade in a passive behavioral classroom a few miles from home. She was placed there after the IPRC committee deemed this appropriate. (Passive bahvioral means that she has behavioral problems without the tendancy to be violent.)

After thirty minutes of standing out in the damp and chilly September air she finally came back inside. We called the bus company. Apparently the bus refused to start this morning and nobody thought it necessary to call to let us know. They said they would call back and let us know when they had sent a new bus for her. Score 1.

Two hours later we still hadn't heard anything, so we called the bus company back. They had no idea that she hadn't been picked up. Score 2. Is there any reason why we can't take her to school, they want to know. (Like, hello?) They will call us back when someone is coming to pick her up.

By this time she is getting a little grumpy - as is everyone else in the house. She normally can't remember what she was doing last week, but she remembers that on the first day of grade five, she was also late for school, because of the bus company. Score 3.

An hour after that, now resigned to her fate as being dubbed "the late girl" for the rest of her life (at least within the home -- because she lives with me), we call the company, for the third time. They still have no idea that she wasn't picked up. They have no idea that the bus is broken. And they will call us when someone is on the way.

I don't think so.

It was, at this point, after 1030 in the morning. She is getting irate. I am always irate, so really my mood is a moot point.

We take her to school to drop her off, but only after confirming that SOMEONE from the bus company will pick her up when school is finished. They don't see a problem with this arrangement.

How very nice of them.

Already forcing herself to remain calm and cheerful, she FINALLY gets to class only to find out that the teacher she met last year isn't actually the teacher this year. Score 4.

On top of all that (as if we needed to add insult to this injury), the school had no idea who she was and hadn't recieved a copy of her OSR (Ontario Student Record) from her previous school (the Epilepsy Classroom at the Hospital for Sick Children).  Check and mate.

I am chuckling to myself -- not at her misery, this time -- but at the total ineptitude and lack of organizational skills demonstrated here.

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