Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Alone.

It is Tuesday morning and I am at home. Alone. All by myself. (Yes, I have parts of that blasted Greenday song racing through my head...)

For the next few days (until Friday, to be specific), I will be surrounded by this glorious silence. The only nattering voices I will hear will be the ones in my head, while Andie and James hash out their differences.

I am (almost) in my own personal heaven.

Almost -- because heaven was the atmosphere on Hogan Lake when I started penning Book Two. M was taking an afternoon siesta, leaving me with the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the birds, the heckling chipmunks, and the bullfrogs in the swamp adjacent to our site. There was no reception (and I had left my phone in the car anyway). We obviously didn't have internet. I wasn't even wearing a watch. No time constraints, no distractions, nothing left to entertain myself. Just a pen and some blank paper... It was my personal writing heaven.

Today, in sub-heaven, I still have internet, still have a cell phone, and I also have a very annoying clock ticking over my head that I am about three tocks away from tossing out the window. I also have my dog who, while pretty mellow, demands some of my attention several times a day. (Not complaining, she keeps me grounded and makes sure I get some exercise.)

Enough distracting myself though, I am off to get some writing done.

Enjoy your first day with the kids back to school! (Unless back to school started earlier - as is the case in a lot of places... In which case, enjoy your kid-free day!)

The dog is happy - she gets the bed to herself ALL day!

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