Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jack the Ripper

I did not get my word count done yesterday.

Instead, I struggled through a math session that had me thinking that my brain has turned into primordial ooze over the summer. Add to that the enormous gap between my brain and my spine. Now we're talking.

The intention was there, really.

What I did instead was probably more painful. I stood in line ups for an hour and a half. Not for something interesting like concert tickets, either. Nay, I stood in the formidable lines so I could sit in class rooms and learn about grammar and quadratic equations. Who is super cool now?

In an odd twist of fate I also communicated with real people who were still breathing. Bet you didn't see that coming. Me either.

But enough about that...

I came across an article on Jack the Ripper yesterday, that I found interesting. And by "I found", what I ultimately mean is that Kathy Reichs posted it on Twitter and I happened to click it and find it interesting. I love reading about Jack. Morbid fascination, I suppose.

It has now been over 123 years since Jack hunted (and haunted). New evidence is suggesting that the Ripper may not have actually killed all five of those women.

The identity of Jack has always eluded law enforcement, specialists and Ripperologists alike. Now, modern technology is allowing us to get closer and closer to putting a face on the killer and putting the case to rest for good.

Once that happens, my curiosity may finally be satiated.

And now... Back to quadratics...

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