Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News Footage

From the age of 14 or so, I have been reading Kathy Reichs books featuring Temperance Brennan. More than a few years ago, the TV show "Bones" was aired and I have also become an avid fan of that.
Part of my morning ritual is to read the online news while drinking coffee on the back deck. (This will change when the weather starts to suck.) The other morning I happened across this article about feet washing up on shore in Vancouver. And so I thought... "That sounds strangely familiar..."

No doubt there have been news reports of this eerie event before. But I am more referring to the episode of Bones that I caught a few months ago, where Bones was forced to work with a Canadian foot specialist that she had shredded in the past over the feet that were washing up on shore...
Very weird...

Also weird:

We stopped at Ragged Falls on the way to Huntsville and saw this picture:

Seriously? I am amazed that there needs to be a sign for that. (Obviously they are preventing lawsuits, etc, but really...)

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