Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Help! I got on the Train and can't get off!

Remember this?

Well, that day I exaggerated. There wasn't four million people on the bus with me.

For the last two morning there has been, though.

Normally I would stay far away from any topic that could be considered political. I sorta follow politics, but let me be honest: I am much too self-absorbed to blog about them.

Today I am going to break my own rule and offer a comment.

Some smart cookie in our city has gotten the great idea that herding us all like cattle into tin cans on tracks is perfectly fine. Can't sit, can't breathe, can't get off at your own stop without pushing through. Politeness and decency? Thing of the past.

There is talk of increasing the price of the transit. To pay for this amazing service.

Two days in a row I have had to elbow my way out of the soda can I use to get places. Two days in a row I have come way too close to missing my stop.

Cut backs, they tell us. Write to your reps, they say.

The amazing service I mentioned a few sentences ago? Also a thing of the past.

If I disappear for a while, don't panic. I am either stuck on the subway still trying to get out at my stop, or some kind soul sneezed...

Here in Toronto we seem to take our aggression out regarding these matters on inanimate objects. Case in point:

Poor paper box. Must have had news that nobody wanted to hear. Probably about cutbacks.

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