Saturday, November 12, 2011

Asperger's Revisited...

I mentioned several months back in this post that my kid sister has autism.

She created a blog (you can read it here) to talk about what happens in her world. She is 22.5 and lives on her own and recently launched a Facebook page to raise awareness about Autism.

She has a mild form of Autism called "Asperger's Syndrome". For as long as I can remember, my sister has had various "obsessions" with one thing or another - side walks, light poles, buses; to name but a few. An easy target for bullies, the last few days I have seen some of the most vile and disgusting excuses for human beings slither out of a primordial cesspool for no other reason than to harass her and make her life miserable. They badgered her on Twitter and then, when she privatized her profile so they couldn't keep bullying her, they went after her blog.

Are you for real? These people are - allegedly - adults ("reporters", no less!) Get a life!

I find it very sad that, as advanced as our society is, some of us still refuse to be (or are incapable of) accepting differences. One of these bullies used her son as an example - her son has autism and does not act this way or that way. Would she like a medal? That's equivalent to comparing apples with turnips or saying that you have a brain and I have a brain, so clearly we must think and behave exactly the same way. (Thankfully the world doesn't work that way - at least not the one I live in... If it did, we'd be screwed.. The world could not handle more than one of you ;)

Anyway - to make a potentially long rant short, I will leave this thought:

We are created equally, not perfectly.

Thanks for hearing me out.


  1. Im 22 and a half. I want to clear things up I am not obsessed with Scott. He saved my life and stopped a man from murdering me. Now he just happens to be my best friend who I talk about alot. I am far from being obessed with him.

  2. I'm moderately embarrassed that I can't do basic math and got your age wrong o.O Apologies...

    I am well aware of who he is and what he has done and what he means to you. I don't have an issue with any of that. I have an issue with the quivering misanthropic cowards who have taken it upon themselves to harass you about it...

  3. My daughter who is only 6 turning 7 in December has Asperger's and I am glad to see that Emily is living on her own and I am glad she is doing her blog. Some of it I will not show my daughter but other things Emily posts I will. No offense Em ( If I may call you Em) as sometimes the language is an issue even though it is the way you are feeling I completely understand cause I feel that way too about things that happen to me.

  4. I am working on the Language. The majority of my youtube videos im cussing but my blog I try to keep my written blog g rated but it can be hard at times. Half the time I take a few days before I process things.!/TIABSN is my foundation ive founded. My name is Emily-Marie McKiernan and I got by Em for short no one calls me e emily any more unless im in trouble lol thanks for your kind words

  5. its pretty damn obvious now that people with autism think the whole world revolves around them, like we all have to stop what were doing and change our ways for the person whos "suffering" from a MILD case of autism, she seems well enough to drive and well enough to pay for her place and take care of herself.,she seems well enough she can upload youtube videos of her eyebrows, enough with this crap, there is people with real diseases out there, go back in time and tell your parents not to drink and smoke during your pregnancy, maybe that will help. and it's obvious you are looking for things to obsess over, like you see other people with autism doing, you are like a person who is trying to pretend like they are handicapped. I dont get it

  6. I totally agree with don't get it. That's okay, I'm sure that you function to the best of your ability, but that the ikea of someone being different from yourself is just beyond your reasoning skills. Autism is not about drinking during pregnancy, that would be Fetal Alchol Syndrome, but I'll forgive your ignorance because I realize that you are doing the best that you can with what limited cognitive abilities you have. My thoughts are with you as you try to navigate this world with your head up your ass.

  7. We all do what we can, and we all have things that challenge us and make life difficult. Mild autism is a high-functioning ailment that allows people to do most things - like blog, pay rent, etc. but it inhibits other brain capacities that make certain things those not afflicted find easy very difficult.

    I find it hard to hear about intolerance of one another. We all have our crap, we all have certain things that ail us, and the least we can do is make it easier for each other by passing on some compassion and understanding.

    It's easy to hate and be angry.

  8. To this Kemi person, I can guarantee I never drank or smoked while pregnant, and your ignorant ass should know doing those things may cause asthma or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome not autism! And if you would educate your self autism is a SPECTRUM... disorder (which means Varying degrees!) You wouldn't have made such an ass out of yourself! That fact that you have an issue with the young lady the blog is about saddens me, that instead of being straight forward and stating that you instead Try to argue a disorder that you Obviously no Nothing about! I sincerely hope that your words do not travel any further then they have because you apparently refuse to acknowledge the anger issue you suffer from that or just very low self esteem that you would question ones aspergers diagnosis! It is ignorant arrogant people like you. That I worry about our children today! Suicide is on the rise! Umm, think you may have contributed sit and think, do your research because I assure the only one with issues is you!!