Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Problem with Doctors...

Robert S. Mendelsohn is credited with saying:

"The real reason doctors are so dangerous is that they believe in what they are doing."

I just came from a neurologists appointment at the world renowned Hospital for Sick Children.

To make a long story short:

I would much rather have someone gouge out my eyeballs with my own freshly torn off toenails than go to this hospital. I would even do the tearing and gouging myself. Someone give me some pliers, please.

The Reader's Digest compact version:

Niece was on seizure meds. New doctor decided that since no epileptic activity showed up in EEG scans niece no longer needed the medication. She is no longer on the medication. Niece is eleven years old and is having "issues" (I would elaborate here but some of her friends read this and I don't really wish to embarrass her. Too much). Apparently her mom and I are the only people who see these "issues" and there is no reason at all for them. Take her in for a psychological evaluation, we were told.

That's right. The answer we have gotten every visit for the last ten months is not an answer at all. It's merely them passing the problem on to someone else. Surprise.

In December the niece had a sixty-six and a half hour long EEG. A big fat ugly warning appeared on the monitor on numerous occasions telling us that seizure activity had been detected. One of those times was when she was reaching for the phone and experienced a period of light headedness. The explanation that we got, today, is that EEG's frequently mistake movement for seizure activity. I'm not a neurologist. There's nothing I can possibly do but take the doctor's word for it.

But according to my research - which I've done because I am the kind of person who needs actual answers to my questions - an EEG won't show activity unless it's happening during the scan. Any activity that does happen has to travel through bone to have the sensors register it (meaning that if it happens deep enough in the brain, you're SOL)...

Now don't get the wrong idea. If there isn't anything going on neurologically then that is awesome. But don't make a butt groove on your chair doing diddly while taxpayer dollars pay you to help children who are.. well.. sick... Do something more productive than tossing out a seven year old diagnosis because there is no technical evidence to support something as temperamental as seizures. What happened to the master plan - where you look at the symptoms and start treating them? When something doesn't work you try something else?

I'm either missing some vital information or there "something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

Any thoughts?

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  1. They overdosed tour baby sister on anti seizure medication then she jumped out of her crib and smashed her head. Comfirm it with dad. They are a bunch of useless fat asses