Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day In The Life

My day started at stupid o'clock. That's four in the morning for those of you who wear a watch. I talked myself in to laying in bed like a lump for about a half hour before I realized that all I was doing was using my phone to research things I could have been viewing on a bigger screen. So up I got.

I turned on my computer, made a half a pot of coffee and went for a smoke. When I arrived back at the computer I sat down freshly nicotined, coffee in hand, and said: "I am going to be productive!"

I proceeded to play games online for three hours.

Productivity fail.

I took my niece to her therapist appointment. I have only been there with her once or twice but I feel we had a real breakthrough session today. The therapist and me, that is. My niece sat on my phone and played this silly little game that my son downloaded onto my phone called "Stair Dismount". Every so often, my niece would shout: "YES! I broke his head off!" (The game requires you to knock someone down a flight of stairs - or something equally diabolical. You can add a face to the fake person from your photo album.) My niece kicked her cat down the stairs. At her therapists appointment. Good job, kiddo. 

Almost two hours later, when we were leaving, I was trying to explain what she was talking about before it was assumed I had corrupted her. Thankfully, the therapist's kids also find the game really amusing. One less thing to worry about.

The mailbox spit a copy of "The Forensic Casebook" at me when I arrived home. The lovely Kristy Lahoda sent it to me as a prize for a contest she had run on her blog Explosive Faith

I gloated to my niece about it for a few minutes - she has recently taken an "interest" in forensic "something with bodies" (even though she has no idea what that actually entails - she says she wants to do it because it sounds cool o.O) - then I went to my room, turned on my computer and told myself: "I am going to be productive!"

And here I am, forty-five minutes later, wrapping up my second blog post in just over a day. (I used the book as bribery... Bribery, it gets you everywhere...;)

Maybe I'm on to something. While we wait to find out, you can catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook.



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