Sunday, June 24, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace - Episode 7

Some background:

'Pretty Boy' (AKA Ranger) and the object of his interest have worked together for four years. She has already decided that while she REALLY likes him, he's not her type. (That has something to do with his ability to charm Marilyn Munroe out of her grave to have coffee with him). Ranger, on the other hand, is in love. They spent a week in the middle of nowhere and he thought he proved it to her, but when they got back she took off on him. She's about to be deployed.

Enter the Captain, who has been having this "chat" with Ranger for the last few six Sundays. Her best friend is the girl Ranger just spent the week with.


It was all she could do not to smack him in the head. "You're the most notorious womanizer known to all species of female this side of the fifth moon of venus, Ranger. I'm pretty confident that you know how to charm a woman."

He half smiled. "Well see, Ma'am, the problem is that she isn't just a woman. I want her to be my woman. Forever."


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace - Episode 6

Happy Father's Day!

This six is a little bit farther in then the last. Still the same characters (she's my favorite ;) Let me know what you think! (Missed episode 5? You can find it here.)

"You hurt her, Pretty Boy, and you better hope to gods that I am deployed somewhere so I can get it out of my system before coming back here to kick the shit out of you."

He winked, to do nothing besides goad her into rage. It flickered into her eyes and just as quickly it was gone.

"I don't want to hear from her in a month that you broke her heart while she's in that field. I'll break your neck," her voice was eerily calm. A chill rippled up his spine.


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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

I spent a few hours the other night in Ajax, Ontario. I spent twelve years there and you can find some similarities between Ajax and the unnamed town in Unclean.

A lot has changed in the years since I lived there and wrote the book, and even though I lived there for a while as an adult, I never really took the opportunity to explore the new Ajax.

In January I realized that I have two choices:

Have my characters move to another city or town - one I'm more familiar with;


Go explore.

I entertained the first option for a while but frankly, I'm am not familiar with any other town or city either. (Not even this one, and I've lived here for the last three years...)

The other night, even though it was raining, I went down to the lakefront and walked. It was interesting to be back in an area that used to be so 'mysterious' (read: wasn't allowed there, so went anyway).

I didn't go far and didn't stay long (it was raining, after all), but I did see some interesting things and even had a few interesting ideas.

Truly amazing - this tree survives.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace - Episode 5

Last week I left off with my protagonist getting caught 'stalking' a colleague by his Captain, who then decides to join in on the fun. The following six start right where the last ones ended. (Missed last week? You can read episode 4 here.)


"How in the world did you manage to do that without me seeing you?"

She winked. "Sneakily," she laughed. "There is training that separates the men from the boys. I'm more than just a fabulous face with bars attached. Now stop looking at me like we're up to something or people will start to talk."


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Back in April I shared a post that touched a little on the court action currently taking place against me. You can read that post here, but the compact version is as follows:

My novel has been introduced into court record as fact, by someone who is either going for shock value or who doesn't quite understand the difference between fiction/non fiction. Perhaps both.

The action actually has very little to do with me, which is why I am starting to find it rather amusing that the Justice now thinks I "dissect dead bodies for the military" (say what?) or that someone in my house has been pregnant for a prolonged period of time without producing a baby. (Character in book, people, character in book...)

My "sanity"/"stability" seems to be what has the "scales of justice" tipped slightly in our favor (by our, I mean myself and the other respondent). I'm taking this to be the reason why the complainant has painted me as a raving lunatic in her monstrosity of an affidavit to the courts.

Anyway... In the April post I wondered when I would be asked if there were eyeballs in my cupboard, as the killer in my book has an obsession with harvesting eyeballs in his home.

Last week, sometime between having fresh bull poop slung at us by the complainant and having the building I live in on fire, I made a grisly discovery.

There were no eyeballs in my cupboard, but there were plenty in my fridge!

Somehow a mouse climbed into the insulation of the fridge and made a nest. She died (I know - I disposed of her remains) but left the nest - full of new arrivals - intact, in my fridge.

Approximately how long does it take for the smell of decomposing mice to over power air freshener? About two weeks.

I spent the remainder of last week foodless, fridgeless, and worried that the complainant would come and get a whiff of the malodorous stench wafting sublimely out of the unit, or get dive bombed by the hundreds of small carcass flies zooming around the entombed nest. "Worried" is actually the wrong word. I was almost hopeful that they would. That way at least one thing they put in the affidavit to the courts would actually contain some semblance of fact.

"Your honor, the respondent has eyeballs in her cupboard."

"No, your honor, I do not have eyeballs in my cupboard. I keep them in my fridge. Why? I can't say for sure. It's not like they stay fresher longer, or anything like that."

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!



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Sunday, June 3, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace Episode 4

Hey guys!

This weeks six (seven, actually o.O) are from a little farther into the story.

"I didn't realize they were training us to stalk the females these days," the woman's voice in his ear turned into a laugh. "Now let me join you before I call the MP's to toss you in the brig for a few days. Maybe then you'll think twice about spying on your co-workers."

The chill that slid up his spine was short lived when he realized who was talking.

"Should I salute you now, Captain, or would you rather us have a more relaxed stalking environment?"

"Relaxed is fine. I won't tell if you don't."


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