Sunday, June 24, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace - Episode 7

Some background:

'Pretty Boy' (AKA Ranger) and the object of his interest have worked together for four years. She has already decided that while she REALLY likes him, he's not her type. (That has something to do with his ability to charm Marilyn Munroe out of her grave to have coffee with him). Ranger, on the other hand, is in love. They spent a week in the middle of nowhere and he thought he proved it to her, but when they got back she took off on him. She's about to be deployed.

Enter the Captain, who has been having this "chat" with Ranger for the last few six Sundays. Her best friend is the girl Ranger just spent the week with.


It was all she could do not to smack him in the head. "You're the most notorious womanizer known to all species of female this side of the fifth moon of venus, Ranger. I'm pretty confident that you know how to charm a woman."

He half smiled. "Well see, Ma'am, the problem is that she isn't just a woman. I want her to be my woman. Forever."


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  1. Very nice declaration from Ranger.

    1. Ranger sure does know how to charm a woman, alright...

      Thanks for stopping by, Virginia