Friday, June 15, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

I spent a few hours the other night in Ajax, Ontario. I spent twelve years there and you can find some similarities between Ajax and the unnamed town in Unclean.

A lot has changed in the years since I lived there and wrote the book, and even though I lived there for a while as an adult, I never really took the opportunity to explore the new Ajax.

In January I realized that I have two choices:

Have my characters move to another city or town - one I'm more familiar with;


Go explore.

I entertained the first option for a while but frankly, I'm am not familiar with any other town or city either. (Not even this one, and I've lived here for the last three years...)

The other night, even though it was raining, I went down to the lakefront and walked. It was interesting to be back in an area that used to be so 'mysterious' (read: wasn't allowed there, so went anyway).

I didn't go far and didn't stay long (it was raining, after all), but I did see some interesting things and even had a few interesting ideas.

Truly amazing - this tree survives.

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