Sunday, July 15, 2012

#SixSunday - Fall From Grace - Episode 9

Have you ever felt that the very act of breathing is making you sweaty and uncomfortable? We are in another heat wave here in Toronto (yay us!) and this is seriously how I'm feeling. I want to flood my apartment so I can swim without having to go outside.

That's not going to happen for so many reasons so I have distracted myself by working on Fall From Grace. While doing that, I found this beautiful little snippet that I had actually forgotten about. Background: Steph has kept Ranger out until the wee hours drinking. A few hours later she is at his door, ready to go, and he is still, well, he's still Ranger, and he's drunk to boot.


"There is a god," Ranger crossed himself as he had seen many Catholics doing on the T.V. He pulled socks and a t-shirt out of his drawer and flung the door open, almost crashing into Steph.

"There is a god," she muttered, barely loud enough for him to hear. "She's standing in front of your damn door waiting for you to move your sorry ass."

"Good morning, Captain," he chirped.

She grunted.


I'm going to find a puddle to swim in, if they haven't all evaporated.

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  1. I love her sarcasm, and he's a remarkably pleasant drunk. This is a fun exchange. :D (And I hope you don't melt.)

  2. Thanks Monica, you're the best :)

    I almost hope I do melt. Into a lake. I think it would be cooler there ;) I must be honest with you, the heat isn't bad when there's little humidity (like now!)

    He is a rather pleasant drunk - but only because she can hear him ;)

  3. Wonderful exchange! I love her power and humor.

  4. Enjoyed this excerpt very much, liked both of their "voices". Fun. Can't wait to know more on these two!

    1. Thanks Veronica :) These two are so much fun to hang out with... ;)

  5. I can hear this dialogue! fantastic six...