Sunday, August 19, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 3: Kids Say the Darndest Things

Good Sunday morning :)

Jeremy is one of my favorite characters to interact with. He's five and in so many ways he reminds me of my son. This week I selected six sentences featuring Jeremy. He's being his charming - and brutally honest - self.

Enjoy ;)


"I heard you and my dad talking and I saw you fell on the floor.

Why, that little eavesdropper, I thought, smiling to myself. I issued him a stern look. "It's rude to spy on people."

"I was not spying on purpose, it just happened." He shrugged his pajama clad shoulders and yawned. "You  must be very heavy to make such a loud bang when you fall."


What's the most honest thing you've had a child say to you? My experience was similar to the above. I love my son ;)

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  1. Very natural dialogue. A little kid is without guile - you got it spot on.Find Kristal Here

    1. Hey Kristal, thanks for stopping by :)

      I appreciate the feedback, and am happy to here that it's working.