Sunday, September 2, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 5: Waffling

Hello Sixers!

Yesterday was a long day for us. We had a new addition to our family. His name is Flint and he is a white shepherd crossed with a lab. He is four and a half months old and he is very VERY busy/curious/mischievous/other stuff. Our three year old rotti cross (Lady Jaye) is having some issues adjusting to this little ball of energy, so at the moment, instead of playing with her he is playing with my shoe (the one on my foot). More to follow on Flint.

Today Jeremy has decided to tell his dad how he really feels about Eggo waffles.


"Come on buddy, I'll make you some waffles," James called.

"I don't want waffles," he replied, inching his way off the couch anyway. "I want pancakes."

"I don't do pancakes."

"Mom makes pancakes," he looked at me as though willing me to get my lazy ass of the couch and get cracking in the kitchen.

"Mom needs to rest, bud, sorry."

"Fine I'll have stupid waffles then. But I won't like them."


I hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of summer break. The house will be empty Tuesday morning. If you have spare time, check out the links here to be vortexed into the stories of fabulous writers.

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  1. OMG! This sounds like my 6YO! LOL! You've nailed kid-tude perfectly. (And good luck with the new pooch. I suggest cheap shoes from Goodwill for him to chew.)

    1. Haha! Thanks Monica! Glad to hear that I got it right and that he sounds pretty normal.

      Puppy has helped "clean out" the front hall closet this week. Thankfully he's only gotten his teeth into old garbage shoes. Except for last night when he tried to eat the shoes right off of a uniformed police officer...