Sunday, September 30, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 9: And Then There Was Nothing

Hey guys!

It's been a crazy seven days and I am super excited that it's Sunday. It's my first day off so far this week and it's my only day off until Saturday at least.

I'm finally getting used to having no life and being completely sleep deprived - I'm even becoming okay with that. Life, they say, is all about balance.

But anyway. The selected sentences for this week find Andie back at work after six weeks off and buried under paperwork. This is causing her plenty of anxiety - she's just not that into piles of papers and files everywhere, and someone made sure to fill her desk with piles of papers in files. How terribly rude of whomever that was.

Instead of having an anxiety attack, Andie decides to be proactive and get things organized. What happens after that is where we come in, and she's not a happy camper when we get there:


The only way to describe the noise my computer made was as follows. It belched. Yeah, that’s right. My computer belched at me. Didn’t even excuse itself. I watched the lights on it flicker and then die. It had shat the bed.

Definitely a male computer, I thought, frustrated.


I hope you're all enjoying your day.

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  1. LOL. Yep, definitely a male computer. Fun six.

  2. A very familiar situation. Great six.

    1. They say you write what you know... Lol. Thanks for stopping by, Stevie :)