Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flint Versus The Sock

My fabulous puppy ate a sock last night.

Yes, a sock. A white-ish sports sock that he liberated from the floor of my niece's bedroom.

And yes, he ate it. I'm not talking a shred job. I'm talking part of the digestive process.

How does this happen? It was hanging out of his mouth one minute, all in his mouth the next. And then it was gone and he was licking his lips.

I phoned my sister to spazz. I lost my four year old Akita to cancer over the summer so I'm a little over protective. I phoned her and lamented over this sock's life cycle. It was a disgustingly smelly sock, I told her, and I wondered how close it was to naturally degrading due to the malodorous stench contained in the fibers. She assured me that it was probably pretty close, since she hadn't actually bought my niece any white sports socks that she could recall. If it had been grey, she advised, she would be much more concerned for the health of his digestive tract.

I supposed all we could do was wait for nature to take it's course, and hope that it did. Meanwhile, I would be scrutinizing every bowel movement my pup took while I waited for the sock to emerge. Earlier today, though, he appeared with a sock that clearly teleported from his stomach - clean and dry, I might add! - to play 'keep away' with me.

It's not yet clear if this is the same sock or another sock. How many freaking filthy white sport socks does one twelve-year old have? For anyone wondering though, he is eating, drinking, pooping, and has a vet appointment booked.

Thanks for reading :)


Flint the sock killer.

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  1. Yuck Flint! Hope they find the eaten sock. LOL!