Sunday, November 4, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 14: Yes or No?

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a safe and relatively dry week. I know Sandy hit here, without leaving too much damage in her wake. Not in my neighborhood, at any rate.

This week I have exams so I have been "studying" (haha) more than writing anything new. I still have plenty of sentences left over from last week though, so now it's just a matter of figuring out which to post without giving too much away.


I could tell just by the look on his face that I'd be heading out to get kibble and a leash that very night, while he sat at home and played with the dog.

"Want me to stick around?" Sarah's hand rested on the keys dangling from the ignition as she exercised her uncanny ability to read my mind.

I sighed and waved James over. "Are you staying?"

He grinned and looked like our five-year old. "You should take Jer, he'll probably want to help pick out bowls."

"So you're not coming?" I was moderately irritated with his inability to answer a simple yes or no question with a simple yes or no.


I think in the last two months, Andie has learned that what is even more irritating than the above is when people say yes when they really mean no, they just weren't paying attention to the actual conversation. Maybe there will be more on that later, lol. For now enjoy other excerpts from the fabulous writers here, and have an excellent Sunday!

As always, thank you for stopping by.



  1. VERY true to life excerpt, loved the dialog! Great six!

  2. Great dialog and very real. Fantastic six!

  3. Sometimes men just don't get the hint. Great six!

    1. If you ask his wife, she will tell you that he gets the hint as often as a tropical storm hits the North Pole... Now, I'm not a scientist, but something tells me that that doesn't happen very frequently... o.O