Sunday, December 9, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 19: Felix

The last two weeks I have been posting sentences from a conversation between Andie and her five year old son, Jeremy. (To get the full effect, read them in order starting with Episode 17 and Episode 18.)

This week I'm posting the final six from this conversation.


"You can't fire peristalsis Jer."

"Why not. My dad says you can fire anyone."

"He does a very special job and he's the only one in the whole world who can do it."

"So you don't have a Perry? I bet yours is called Felix."


I hope you're all having a great day :)

My dog is going bananas (he ATE a pair of eyeglasses on Thursday and seriously needs some park time to get those lenses to pass). (Kidding about the lenses. Not kidding about bananas.) While he plays I will be reading posts from other authors by going here. Spend some time checking them out.

Thanks for stopping by this week, and leaving your feedback.

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  1. LOL I love this conversation. Great sixes!

  2. This whole conversation really captured the flavor of how kids think and talk - great job, fun six to finish the convo!