Sunday, December 30, 2012

#SixSunday - Desolation - Episode 22: That's Just Wrong

Happy Holidays!

I'm finally able to transfer this post from my brain to the laptop. Usually I get to it earlier but we had a power out and I've been sitting around studying physics and hoping for the lights to flicker indicating that I can charge my dead cell phone and that my heat would come back on. It's cold here in Canada this time of year.

Last week ended with Andie relieved at the sight of boy and pup snoozing on the new sofa. What horrors could possibly come from that?

Missed last week? You can find it here.


I slowly walked around the couch to toss a blanket over the sleeping duo when the malodorous stench assaulted my nostrils. Tempest, curled into my son, had had an accident. All over the brand new couch.

It wasn't a pee accident. It wasn't even a solid accident. No, Tempest, the little hellion, had streaked slimy green crap all over the week old sofa, and my gorgeous baby boy was sleeping in it. My eyes slammed shut as I breathed through my mouth.


Clearly there are some things I know about from personal experience... I just tell myself that I love my dog. Then I leave and hope to god someone else stumbles across it and will clean it for me...

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season, see you next year.

Happy New Year! (And Happy 10th Birthday to MY baby boy, who celebrates on January 1st!)


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  1. Oh DEAR, very vivid and true to life...hope the puppy gets better! Excellent excerpt ulp.

  2. Oh, jeez, from delight to horror indeed! So sorry that you were without heat in the cold weather. And thanks for sharing this six!