Sunday, February 24, 2013

#8Sunday - Drained - Episode 5: Mutate The Soldier #WeWriWa

Welcome back!

I'm late on my installment of Drained (my WIP), this week, so I'm going back two weeks and posting eight soon after that.


The government funded a "mutate the soldier" program, and somehow my brother got caught up in it.

Then, because I was far too wonderful to be given up, they decided to mutate me as well.

In this matter, I was given very little choice.

I remember asking the General what they could possibly want with a seventeen-year-old. He told me, in his gruff fifty-something year old way, that he needed me to replace the last specialist in his lab.

And just what had happened to his last "specialist"?

"She was unable to recover fully from injuries sustained in combat."

I can't recall my reaction, but I do know that I stipulated in my "contract" that they couldn't send me into combat.


If you want to catch more of the story, it's posted here.

I just got off work, but after a short nap (I don't want to be up all night AGAIN - I have class in the morning) I'll be visiting the blogs of other WeWriWa participants. Check out their posts by following this link.

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  1. Wow! Keeley, I just read the other linked part of the story. Great opening line--caught my attention. Nice!

    Your writing is so good. And it left me wondering (like the General said to Casey) what we are up against.

    Is Michael her brother? Don't answer that. I just wanted you to know the other burning question that a reader might have at this point.

    Great snippet. :-)

  2. Fascinating...I really like her "voice" and can't wait to read more, love stories with these intriguing elements! Terrific snippet!

  3. I love this character's voice. She injects humor into what to me would be an untenable situation. It is good that she gets some say in the contract though.

  4. I agree with Veronica and Kate. You've shown her voice beautifully.

  5. That's the dang government for ya huh? Looking forward to seeing if they honor her contract or not. Interesting idea you have here.