Sunday, February 17, 2013

#8Sunday - #WIP - Drained - Episode 4: You Scream Like A Girl

For the past three weeks I've forgone all edits of current works to pen the story that has been hammering inside my skull looking for an exit path. I figure that at least I'm writing. Yes, if I take nothing else away from this experience, at the very least I'm writing every single day, something that I usually put off "until tomorrow" when I have "more time". (My brain is fried from sleep deprivation. What else do you expect from me?)


Poor Michael, what had they done to him?

This question wasn't posed to anyone in general, but it was his Captain -- the Captain -- who answered.

"You call yourself a doctor and don't know how blood gets drained from a body?"

Let's be honest, I wanted to slap him. I had spent months trying to figure out a way to bitch slap my colleagues without raising a hand; no contact meant no chance of breaking a nail.

All my attempts had been epic failures -- until the last one.

I smiled to myself and decided to try out my latest modification.

The Captain screamed -- like a girl.


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The parts of this story are posted on wattpad if you want to check them out.

My son and I are hanging out for the weekend, playing Minecraft until our eyeballs bleed and it's time to go to my dad's birthday "thing". At some point I'll be checking out the posts from the other contributers at WeWriWa. There are extremely talented people participating in this. Be sure to show them some love ;)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh my, very interesting - a lot going on here! Excellent excerpt, much to think about...

  2. lolol! This is EXCELLENT! I'm so glad you're writing. And don't let the eyeballs bleed.--hard to see the keyboard when that happens. :-)

    Nice snippet.

  3. Keeley, I have no idea what's going on here, but I *like* it! The dark humor running through it is delicious. More please!

  4. Love it! And how do you bitch slap someone without breaking a nail? That kind of knowledge could be very useful...for my characters. ;)

    I feel for you. Sleep deprivation is a major part of my life.

    Great eight, Keeley!

  5. Is the Captain a girl?
    Thought provoking snippet!