Sunday, April 14, 2013

#8Sunday - Drained - Episode 12: Strangle Hold

Hello Sunday!

I've been slow on getting around to everyone and responding to comments. I will catch up this week.

Awesomely, I'm still not allowed to use the hand that writes the words, and my exams are next week, so I'm feeling pretty unproductive. I have, however, been using a dictation program, so all is not lost. I'm just more the type who needs to be writing while I write. Talking while I write doesn't really cut it for me. And, I'll be honest, I feel like a circus side show when I start talking to myself and I know there are people within a one floor radius who may be able to hear me. But I am getting there. (For those wondering - still not sure what happened so now I'm waiting on the orthopedic surgeon to get back too me about the eyeball sized mass(es) that we found in my elbow joint during the ultrasound. Woot woot!)

Enough about that drama, though, this is about the story!


Mare turned to the three men and pointed too the door. "Your presence is no longer required."

"We'll just be outside, yell if you need us."

She had already focused her attention back to Michael. "That won't be necessary, will it baby?"

He smiled in his crooked way, which enraged her. She dropped the whip and wrapped her hands around his throat.

"I'll kill you, Lieutenant, but not before you tell me where your maker is."


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  1. This story has me so intrigued, but I want to read the whole thing at once LOL. Another excellent excerpt!

  2. I feel your pain. (Wrist surgery in '99 and I've not forgotten how crippling it was.) Here's to a speedy recovery.

    And Mare's definitely a peach. Wouldn't want to be left alone with her!

  3. Ouch! You have drama in your real life and in your excerpt. I would love to read more. I hope the Lieutenant is man enough to survive this woman ;)

  4. Awesome! Dang--you write vivid characters, Keeley. Good 8. :-)

  5. She seems to be a strong character, knows what she wants. I hope the lieutenant can handle her.

  6. "Kill them with kindness," right? Good excerpt.