Sunday, May 26, 2013

#8Sunday - Drained - Episode 18: Mission Unsuccess #WIP

Welcome back for another Weekend Writing Warrior Eight Sentence Sunday. (You can find the rules here as well as a list of the very talented participants).

This week carries on from last week, where Cavanough has just told the doctor to basically terminate one of her patients. He's not got a huge fan club. Can anyone tell why? Lol.


"I will absolutely NOT remove his virus, and I will certainly not be sending any one's remains to their next of kin unless they're yours."

Cavanough raised his eyebrows and stared at me, mouth agape.

"Colonel Scott, I implore you to see reason. The lieutenant has too many failures in his dossier, he has put us at risk."

"Beseech me, implore me, hell, impeach me for all I care. He's had one unsuccessful mission of a hundred." I recalled the image of Mare demanding to know my whereabouts. "Nothing has been compromised and I won't just yank his virus out and send his battered body to his mother because you say so. I'm the damn doctor here, and that's my call to make."


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  1. Actually I like Cavanough because it's so easy to hate him.
    What is his problem really, I don't see a sick lieutenant compromising anything more than was already done just by breathing.

  2. I loved the drama and the humour you crammed into this scene. The sentence "Beseech me, implore me, hell, impeach me for all I care." made me laugh out loud. Great fun.

  3. I want to read this entire story all at once LOL. Please! It's been fascinating and today's excerpt just adds to the intriguing developments.

  4. Interesting story. What are the viruses and how are they keeping people alive?

  5. Goodo for the doctor!!! Great snippet which gets the reader jumping in emotionally immediately. Good job.

  6. I guess she gave them what for, huh? The virus is a curious thing keeping people alive. I'll have to go back and catch up.
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