Sunday, July 7, 2013

#8Sunday - Drained - Episode 23: Addiction

Welcome back!

This week is a continuation of last week, where the Sergeant had sniffed the doctor. Big deal in the mutant world, for those wondering. Read on to find out why.


My breath caught and my skin tingled under his stare.


He was standing so close I could feel his body heat against my back. I shuddered, against my own will.

I had heard from the others to never let a male know that you reacted to them. Doing so had the same effect on them as heroin did on humans. Once they got the sweet scent of raging hormones flowing  through their bloodstreams, they would do anything to keep it there. It was the worst kind of addiction.


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Keeley  :)


  1. Love the whole idea of what's going on here! This is a fascinating story, definitely makes me want to keep reading. (Tiny typo=> heroin, not heroine?) Terrific snippet!

  2. Addictions to people can definitely be as hazardous as heroin... lots of truth here, and you conveyed it in such short, sweet sentences - GREAT JOB!

  3. :-) Great set-up! But how could anyone stop a natural reaction?

  4. This continues to get better, Keeley! Excellent 8! :-)

  5. This is getting so exciting.
    So what if she actually wants to react to him, and technically, she can't control her hormone release... so exciting.