Thursday, November 7, 2013

Harpers Ferry - Day 1

A few months ago the bestie and I decided that we were gonna go on a road trip to Harpers Ferry. I'm a total nerd, so I naturally badgered her into this location. 

Anyway, after months and weeks and a plethora of sweat, blood and tears, we finally left this morning to a chorus of angels singing. I know what you're thinking. Yeah, right, Keeley. A chorus of angels? B.s. Think what you will. I heard it, and that's all that matters.

So in the midst of NaNo - which I of course ended up signing up for - we are on day one of six of Operation: Geek Vacation. 

We headed out of Toronto at 10 am, waited at the Peace Bridge for Border Security to open our luggage and rifle through our panties - very awesome, I might add, made even MORE awesome by the fact that the officer was a dude... He was kind enough to leave our bags wide open with clothing unfolded and hanging out. Thankfully my wardrobe is far cooler than my besties so we can not possibly get our undies mixed up.

Who am I kidding? I waited until the last possible minute - read: 9:24 this morning - to stuff all my crap into my gym bag, so there was no way anything was actually folded to begin with...

But I digress.

Driving was good. Just made it to Frederick, Maryland, where we have stopped for the night. We have some time to kill before our hotel check in tomorrow so we are debating on going to Gettysburg. As mentioned above, I'm a total nerd, so it's more like I am saying, yo, dude, let's go to Gettysburg and she is saying: shut the hell up about the American Civil War, Keeley, or I'll run your ass over in my rental... 

Stay tuned to find out where we end up, and if I'm walking back to Canada :)


Look! A Tim Hortons in the US of A!

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  1. So. Excited! Hope you have a great time----looking forward to reading your thoughts on my happiest corner of the universe. Because, you know, I may have a certain fondness for it!