Monday, June 30, 2014


Camp NaNo July starts in a few hours. I'm participating -- I have books to write and I work best under deadline. I'm seriously nervous about this, though. I mean sweaty palm, hyperventilate nervous...

This isn't my first NaNo. November 2011 I finished -- in the midst of exams. August 2012 I signed up but fate had other plans for me. November 2013 I signed up as well. And lasted all of two days. Fate had other plans for that as well...

This year -- Fate can kiss my rear. I've been writing steadily for over a month. Sometimes as many as seven thousand words per day. And I am stoked. I realize that this doesn't seem long but I went for seven/eight months without writing anything, so yeah... Six weeks is great!

I finished "Fall From Grace" the other day -- Friday afternoon. One of my betas complained about the ending. Though I tried arguing with her, she did present valid points. So I changed it Saturday morning. And then I banned myself from getting a start on the NaNo manuscript -- because that would be cheating. I have re read all my notes, though, so I can jump in first thing after I get off work at 7 tomorrow morning.

Parts of this month are going to be busy. Boo (my son) and I are heading to a Civil War reenactment on this (the Canadian) side of the border. We'll be spending three days at Fort Henry/Upper Canada Village. I'm not entirely sure what to expect with that. He's more into his video games right now then leaving the house, but to hell with that. We spend the bulk of every summer vacation holed up in the house; leaving for three days surely will not cause the X Box to explode. And if it does... Well... Thank goodness no one is going to be home to get hit by flying debris!

Busy or not, I'm pretty focused on where I need to be at the moment, so I don't see my mini vacation as being much of an issue.

Anyways... I'm off to get ready for work. I may or may not be blogging this week -- until Sunday that is. I'll be busy with writing!

Anyone else participating this month?

See you Sunday!

Have a great one :)


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