Sunday, July 6, 2014

#8Sunday - Desolation - Episode 26: This Time It's Serious

Good morning, and happy Sunday!

Welcome back to another 8 Sunday post from Weekend Writing Warriors -- taken from my Camp NaNo WIP "Desolation".

For those of you new to this, head on over to the wewriwa website for the guidelines and to find the links to the wonderful and talented authors participating this weekend.

This posting from Desolation actually follows an excerpt from 2012 (Episode 2).

To summarize, Andie -- the main character -- is in a cast after a serious injury. She's been kicking her husband around while he sleeps so he's been snoring on the couch. He startles her when she goes to wake him up and she ends up on the floor... Definitely not her favorite place to be on a good day, but she's also pregnant...

He's offered to help her up and this is the response he gets:


"Touch me and I will beat you to death with a plastic cup," I hissed.

He was thinking better of laughing, for the first time in months, I noticed, pulling myself up with the counter ledge as support. At least the groan it emitted was genuine.

There were two words I could use to describe what I was feeling as I positioned the crutches under my arms. Ouch, pain. To say I hurt was an understatement. To tell James I had hurt myself was handing the man a death sentence. I was in no mood for his stupid jokes.


And there it is...


I brought my work home with me this morning so I could leave in time to get this posted, so I'll be delayed on visiting and commenting. See you all soon, though ;)

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  1. :-) Wonderful, Keeley! I could go on and on about how good your writing is! Keep writing, dearie, keep writing. I can hardly wait to read this story!

  2. Wow, don't mess with this lady in her present mood! Enjoyed the excerpt, can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. I take it the cast is on her leg? Doesn't sound like she's feeling very kindly toward her husband (and thge father of her unborn child?)

  4. To say I was hurt...that sentence is awesome sauce!