Sunday, July 13, 2014

#8Sunday - Desolation - Episode 27: Pushing the Eject Button

Good morning!

Welcome back to another Sunday of Weekend Writing Warriors and another eight sentences from my WIP "Desolation".

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This posting follows last week's.

To summarize --Andie, the main character, is in a leg cast after a serious injury. She's been kicking her husband around while he sleeps so he's been snoring on the couch. He startles her when she goes to wake him up and she has just fallen on the floor... Definitely not her favorite place to be on a good day, but she's also pregnant...


I took a tentative step towards the table but that was as far as I got. My insides ached and burned as the dinosaur feet attacked me with white hot pokers.

I had obviously never mastered the fine art of hiding my pain. James was at my side in an instant, dragging a chair with him.

"What happened? Is it the baby?"

"No," I lied, until a foot kicked down, clearly trying to make an early escape. "Yes," I groaned clutching my stomach and doubling over.


And there we have it. Any thoughts?

I'm writing this sitting outside of my hotel room in Cornwall, Ontario, this morning. My son is still sleeping inside the room and I want him to stay that way for at least another hour. We've been exploring the War of 1812 AND there was a Civil War reenactment yesterday (3rd Battle of Winchester!) that we got to see. Then we went for a haunted tour of Gananoque. Lots of walking, lots of driving, he really needs the sleep. And so do I ;)

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  1. Aw, no pregnant woman wants to hit the's scary. I'm hoping she's okay.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the dinosaur feet, I read that several times, trying to figure out what you meant, which pulled me from the story. It just didn't make me think of baby feet kicking. That's just my humble little opinion.

    1. And have a great day with your son : ) Sounds like you've been doing lots of fun things!

  2. Dinosaur feet and white hot pokers is kinda mixing metaphors. I also had a hard time with that. I can relate to being pregnant, uncomfortable and the baby kicking me! So the scene was tense and I liked the husband's protective instincts. Sounds like you and your son have had a great trip!

  3. I'm with Millie and Veronica on this one. Another thing that jumped out at me was that the feet were kicking down. Is the baby early--that it's feet are still down, or is it going to be breech?

    I;m glad you're having a getaway with your son--and I applaud you for chasing history with him. We did a lot of that with our children. :-)

    I hope you got a lot of rest before he woke up!