Monday, December 22, 2014

Electronics Hate Me. And Happy Holidays!

I'm back. For now. *Deep breath, Keel, deep breath*

I thought to myself earlier on this year that I was over skipping around singing the smurf song. Clearly that was a lie.

No updates would really be relevant aside from:

1.  My phone fritzed out two weeks ago.
2.  My computer fritzed out last week.
3.  My coffee maker fritzed out this morning.

All have been replaced.

I believe all of my devices missed the memo advising them that it's the holiday season. I have eleven glorious days off from work and am have a "staycation". I've popped around to visit some friends -- my almost twelve year old crashed out on their couch this afternoon. Their two year old and five year old looked at him with raised eyebrows and laughed. So did I.

Writing wise I'm finally putting my hard copy edits into the computer so I can send them back to the editor. I loved Fallen before I sent it to her. I love it even more now. The cover is ready to go. Everything is waiting on me. And I'm on staycation, if you recall...

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season! Mr. Jones certainly is! (Notice there is nothing under the tree... The dogs have already eaten a video game so far this season. They'll be put away until the twenty-fifth. Lol.)

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