Friday, December 26, 2014

Making the #Divergent #Quilt

My niece is a huge fan of the Divergent book series. Not so much the movie, which she barely made it through, but she's read the books at least a dozen times each.

She's at that age (14) where I was stumped when it came to getting her something for Christmas so I decided to follow in my mom's footsteps and try my hand at making a quilt. (Mom has been quilting for as long as I can remember and as a teenager I was forbidden from touching her machine, which of course, never stopped me... You can check out some of her creations on her blog by following this link.)

Keep in mind that I haven't touched a sewing machine in so many years I've lost count. (I know, I know, quite embarrassing to be my mother right now but I'm a writer, not a runmyfingeroverwithaneedler...)

I struggled to find a pattern online that I was comfortable with using, so finally made one up. 

This topper represents the Dauntless Faction (I've shamefully never read the series, so I have no idea what a faction is but I assumed it was similar to the houses in Harry Potter -- which I have read. Several times.)

The words 'Be Brave' machine embroidered-ish over the faction symbol.

I based the colors on her favorites, nothing to do with the series. The black birds, which were a pain in the ass, by the way, I believe are tattooed on the main character? Again, no idea, but for a while my niece had them markered on her collarbone so they seemed relevant.

The great unveiling of this project (which kept me away from editing the manuscript for a significant chunk of time in November o.O) was yesterday. It's not quite finished yet -- I had to put a hold on it so that I could actually finish editing...

She seemed pretty stoked and knew what everything meant. She also did a happy dance. 

So what do you think? 

Hope you're all enjoying the holidays!

~ Keeley

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