Wednesday, June 8, 2016

76 - Tackling the "To-Fix" List

Tomorrow I head downtown Toronto to have an intake meeting with my Work Transition Specialist at Workers Comp.

No matter how many times I've told them that the drive is very very difficult on me, with the increasing anxiety and panic attacks, they still would like me to attend.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had made a seatbelt pillow - complete with pocket! - to help me be more comfortable. I also put together an ear bud case that is attached to my keys so I stop losing them. I like having access to music when I'm out of the house because it helps drown out some of the noise, which I find to trigger my crazy mood swings.

Today, to help me cope with being left alone at home, I turned to the pile of items on my ironing board that needed to be mended or that were projects in various states of completion.

Happy to day that I finished stitching the leg and waist bands on two pairs of undies (yes, I make undies - they are super comfy and the pattern is easy to follow.  Plus, since I have the attention span of a rutabaga, I can walk away from them and not be lost when I return). I also reinforced the stitching on another the pairs,  and put the arm and neck bands on my tank top.  The latter didn't turn out so well - will probably end up redoing one of the arms. For now,  though - they're done!

My sister *did* return two pairs of undies to the fix pile - but she had forgotten to write down what she needed done to them, and I forgot that she had even mentioned it. Whoops.

This evening we took the pups for a stroll and then I curled up on the couch with the beautiful quilt my mom had made me and tried to stay awake for a few episodes of "Bitten" - Season 3. I recall reading all the books the series is based on (The Otherworld by an exceptional Canadian author, Kelley Armstrong). Unfortunately, these days I'm not following the tv plot line very well,  or with much recollection.

Early start tomorrow,  so have already hopped into bed. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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