Monday, June 13, 2016

Inner (And Outer!) Battles

Day 81

Last night I was very tired and forgot to post. Really, though, you didn't miss much.

Saturday night I finally decided that I would participate in the stitch upon a time brazi sew a long, so yesterday I printed and pieced the pattern. I also spent six hours with my handy dandy seam ripper, removing stitches from a spoxxy Racerback tank that I made. (Band wasn't sitting right. Too much stretching on my part.)

Today is day two of the sew a long so I need to cut the fabric for it.

I'm hoping to also finish the spoxxy, but I'm still very tired.

Tomorrow is my consult with the rehab clinic, and I need to be downtown before nine in the morning. Esh. Rush hour. No thank you.

Wednesday is a meeting with my boss and my work transition specialist to assess the suitability of the job and potential modifications. Noise is a trigger for me, and my work is very noisy... So we are brainstorming.

I'm still struggling with things, and the actual headaches do not make the struggle any easier. I'm battling a bout of horrible depression to top it all off. I hate feeling useless. I hate that even the simple things are so difficult. Collaring my dog? Getting milk in the coffee?

Every day I push against myself is a win, though, I think.

Anyway, cutting to do!

Thanks for reading :)


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