Friday, June 17, 2016

MRI, OITNB, and Brazis :)


My MRI has been booked for a week today!

(This is exclamation mark worthy, as this is Canada, and my MRI was booked in April for the end of August...)

I've been watching Orange is the new Black like it's some kind of addictive drug. I struggle to remember what's going on and what has happened, but it's so funny.

This morning I forgot what my dogs name is. It's Flint, in case you didn't already know. Easy,  right?  I called him Shane. *Smh*

And below,  you'll see the photo of the (almost) finished brazi top I've been working on this week from the - they have a sew-a-long every month on their Facebook page. There's no deadline, it's just good to have something to do with my time.

Thanks for reading :)


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